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The Origin of Desk Pads

The Origin of Desk Pads

The first time I saw a desk pad was at a housewarming party celebrating my friend Sam's home purchase. Sam is well-known within our friend circle to have an eye for design and I was always interested in his newest home decor.

His desk pad with a beautiful design and vibrant colors instantly caught my eye when he showed us his home office. Although, I didn't realize until later that Sam had re-purposed a large place-mat.

I instantly knew that I had to get one! I personally am a big fan of practical gadgets that are aesthetically pleasing and desk pads fit those criterion perfectly.

Workspace Design Refresh

This may seem too simple to be true but having a desk pad truly does change the vibe of your work space. I had an older desk at home and the desk pad made the desk feel new and refreshed. I absolutely love how it looks. I change the design every 3-6 months to give my home office a new look.

Protect Your Desk

Now that I have a brand new desk at home, I wanted to protect my beautiful asset. Desk Pads are heat resistant and it helps prevent your desk from coffee stains and scratches. I've noticed that wooden desks can get scratches from simply using your mouse. I'm also amazed at how much the desk pad protects my desk every time I give it a good wipe. 

protect your desk

Large Space for Your Mouse

Oh, the freedom that comes with having limitless surface for your mouse to roam around! It's one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. Many of our customers also love how their workspace neatly organizes within their desk pad.

desk pad desk mat

Easy To Clean

The surface of a desk pad is made from easy-to-clean material. Combined with a natural rubber base, a simple wipe with a wet paper towel will clean the mat.

desk pad desk mat

Soft, Plush Surface

Last but not least, everyone deserves a soft and plush desk top. Each desk pad includes a plush cushion and a micro-weaved topping. I guarantee that it is a delightful experience!

desk pad desk mat home office organization

The New Normal: Working From Home

Working from home may or may not be new to you but I think most agree that it may be here to stay for the long term. Big companies like Google and Facebook have already announced that they have no plans to go back until 2021. Be sure to invest in things that help you stay productive and healthy. We're all in this together!